Either you (secretly) love it or can do without: Valentine’s Day! The festival of romance and love is near and I believe, with your upcoming wedding, that this is the perfect opportunity to spoil your groom with a nice gift. Of course I like to help you out a little! Of course I’m happy to help you with a selection of five romantic Valentine’s gifts for him!

Dusty Blue Valentijnscadeaus voor hem
Photography: Elisabeth van Lent

Luxury shaving set for your wedding

Will your groom be standing by the altar with a clean-shaven face? Get rid of those drugstore razor blades! Luxurious shaving sets with a brush, real soap and a safety razor have made their comeback. The safety razor is a razor with only one blade. This results in a much smoother and more accurate shave than with the use of multi-blade razors we buy at the drugstore. Also, this form of wet shaving causes less skin irritation which is preferable on your wedding day!

There are many different sets available made of various materials and price ranges. We advice you to let yourself be properly informed or (together with your hubby-to-be) visit a professional store. All for the perfect wedding kiss!

No smooth chin, but a sexy beard on your wedding day? Try a nice beard trimmer or a surprise appointment at the barbershop.

A beautiful watch to match his wedding suit

Of course this gift can’t be left out: the men’s watch. A timeless and stylish gift that he also can wear after the wedding. With so many brands and styles you’re guaranteed to find the one that suits him perfectly. Whether he prefers more sporty or classic, a watch always compliments his look and makes him even more attractive!

Want to add a little extra? Place an engraving on the back of the watch. Your upcoming wedding date of something sweet you often say to each other. This way the watch will have an emotional value and he will think of you every time he puts it on.

One of my personal favorite Valentine’s Day gifts for him!

Dusty Blue Valentijnscadeaus voor hem Elisabeth van Lent Michelle Wever
Photography (left): Elisabeth van Lent
Photography (right): Michèlle Wever from A wedding at the Cote d’Azur


We’re not saying women are not allowed to enjoy it, but whisky still remains the gentlemen’s drink. Whisky has been a status symbol since the nineteenth century and still stands for class and luxury. No wonder we see this drink all the time in films and series such as James Bond, Peaky Blinders and Mad Men.

Whisky traditionally is made from only three ingredients: water, a grain and yeast. Many ingredients can be added after this, meaning there are many types and flavors whisky available.

Did you know that the country of origin determines whether you write ‘whisky’ or ‘whiskey’? That aside.

Has your groom just started drinking whisky? Visit a good liquor store and ask for a softer whisky. Add a beautiful set of whisky glasses and he is ready to have a drink with his friends on your wedding day! (Make sure your wedding photographer is there to capture it!)

An intimate dinner for two

Of course your Valentine’s gifts for him don’t have to be expensive. We understand that you’d want to put aside as much as you can for the wedding. So with this next gift idea you’re going to stay home, but we promise it will feel like a super romantic date!

Take the afternoon off and buy all the ingredients for his favorite meal. Put on that dress he loves on you and make an effort with your hair and make-up. Create a romantic table setting with long candles, flowers and linen napkins. Turn on some nice background music and set your phone aside for the evening. We bet he will be completely surprised and will deeply appreciate all the effort you’ve done for him!

Together on a pre-honeymoon

Don’t limit Valentine’s to only one day, but make it a whole weekend of even longer! Surprise him with a packed suitcase and take a break. Choose something you both like; a city trip or relax at a warm coast. In the spring there is no mass tourism yet and you can go either way.

The pre-honeymoon is becoming more and more popular. It is the ultimate opportunity to take a break from the stress of planning a wedding. It’s a moment to spend time together and pay some attention to each other. After this trip you can both give it a 100% again and you’ll probably be looking forward to your ‘I do’ even more!

Would you rather not book something without consolation your man? Surprise him on Valentine’s Day (during that romantic diner!) with the news you’re going on a trip and give him a maximum of three options to choose from. Set the departure date and spend the rest of your evening looking forward to your romantic trip together!

Dusty Blue Valentijnscadeaus voor hem
Photography (left): Michèlle Wever from A wedding at the Cote d’Azur
Photography (right): Elisabeth van Lent

Which of these Valentine’s Day gifts for him is your favorite?

5 Romantic Valentine’s gifts for him

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