Finding a beautiful suit is at least as important as the search for the perfect dress. And a number of aspects are important here, because the last thing you want is to buy something you regret for your wedding! That is why the specialist in the field of wedding suits Michael & Giso is happy to give these five tips for finding the perfect suit.

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Photography: Jessica van Duren

1. Start getting inspired on time

Nowadays there are many possibilities to get inspired! For example, check out Pinterest or Instagram for suits that appeal to you and your other half. It is often easier to find the right suit when you have an idea of what you are looking for in terms of fabric, color and fit. Michael & Giso’s free wedding magazine has more than 112 pages filled with suits and options. Worth applying for!

It is wise to start collecting inspiration about four months before your wedding day. Especially when you are considering a tailor-made suit, it is recommended to start on time. Tailoring a suit takes about six to eight weeks.

Tips Ideale Trouwpak Michael & Giso Dusty Blue Bruidegom
Photography: Studio Phylicia

2. Be careful in who you include in your quest

You probably don’t start the search for the perfect suit on your own. Maybe you take your father, brother, best man or some friends with you while orienting. Of course it is important to wear something that you like yourself, but this is not the only thing to keep in mind. Ask yourself what your fiancée would love to see you in and think about the style or theme of your wedding. This must also be taken into account when selecting a suitable wedding suit.

It is important that you bring people who know you well and understand your taste. Limit this number to two or three people. Experience shows: the more opinions there are, the more difficult it is to make a choice that you fully support!

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3. Know your physique

Every groom has a different physique. One is a bit wider and the other a bit narrower. Not every wedding suit is the same for every man. Are you a bit smaller? Then you want to create a little more length. When you are very tall, you want to reduce that slightly. Fortunately, there is a wedding suit for everyone out there!

Are you not sure what exactly fits your physique? No problem! Visit an experienced tailor for the right advice. They know better than anyone else which fit, fabrics and colors suit you best.

Tips Ideale Trouwpak Michael & Giso Dusty Blue Bruidegom
Photography: Jessica van Duren

4. Choose the right material

Choosing the right fabric is very important, both for the look and for the wearing comfort. Michael & Giso recommends natural fabrics such as cotton, wool or linen. These fabrics are breathable and are often the most comfortable. A synthetic fabric does not breathe, which makes you sweat faster and the suit is less comfortable.

Are you planning to wear the wedding suit after your wedding? Then it is wise to take this into account during the search. Do you want to wear the suit more often, for example to work? Then choose a firmer fabric. Do you only wear the suit at the wedding and any other special occasions? Then you can choose a slightly more delicate fabric.

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Photography: Emma van der Schelde

5. Think of a back-up shirt

What many men don’t think about is a back-up shirt. Michael & Giso advises to always buy two shirts with a wedding suit. This way you can put on a clean shirt before the evening party, but also if a stain accidentally occurs during the day, you have a backup at hand!

Tips Ideale Trouwpak Michael & Giso Dusty Blue Bruidegom
Photography: Malou von Baumhauer

Hopefully after these tips you will have a better idea of what to look for when choosing a suit. For personal advice you can always contact the tailors of Michael & Giso.

P.S. Of course all gentlemen in the photos in this article are wearing a Michael & Giso suit!

5 Tips for finding the perfect suit

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