Now of course, your upcoming wedding is very exciting already. Both for your mother and his! It is the day they have been looking forward to for years, perhaps since your births.
That is why Mother’s Day in the run up to your wedding is a great opportunity to pay special attention to your moms. Of course beautiful flowers and a box of chocolates can be part of it, but also surprise your mother this year with a beautiful Mother’s Day gift for your upcoming wedding!

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A wedding accessory as a Mother’s Day gift

As the mother of the bride (or groom) she may of course also pay extra attention to an extra beautiful and festive look on your big day! And you might even go shopping with her for a beautiful ensemble. These gift ideas will complete her look for your wedding:

A special piece of jewelry

Give your mother and (future) mother-in-law a beautiful piece of jewelry as a Mother’s Day gift that they can wear at your wedding. A pair of beautiful earrings, a necklace, bracelet or full set. Of course you know better than anyone what they love. Still, for your wedding it might be nice to wear something different than usual and surprise your mothers with a beautiful piece of jewelry that is different from the rest of their collection.

A nice handbag or clutch

Is your mother or mother-in-law not the jewelry type? Then perhaps a beautiful handbag or clutch might be the perfect accessory for her. One that fits nicely with her outfit or a unique statement piece that stands out. Does your mother or mother-in-law have many things to take with her on the day? Then don’t choose a bag that is too small. Make sure it fits at least a smartphone, reading glasses, lipstick and handkerchief.

A personal handkerchief

Speaking of a handkerchief, give your mothers a beautiful cotton handkerchief as a Mother’s Day gift, with lace or embroidered details. You can also have one engraved with a personal text. Thank your mother for everything she has done for you or write a short poem. It’s much nicer for your wedding than a paper handkerchief from a package and a nice souvenir of this special time. We do have to warn you though, when you give this gift: she may not keep it dry until your wedding!

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Pre-wedding fun as a gift for Mother’s Day with a hair & makeup test session

Of course you have had a testing session or are planning to for your hair and makeup for the wedding. Is your mother also on schedule for hair and makeup that day? She probably would very much like to do a test session too! Chances are that your mother (or mother-in-law) has had the same makeup look for twenty years and finds it quite exciting to have someone else do her hair and makeup. Plan an extra test session with your hair & makeup artist as a gift for Mother’s Day and afterwards take your mom (or both of them!) with you for a fancy dinner or high tea.

And last but not least, a homemade gift that shows how special your mother is to you:

A photo album about your mother and you

Make a beautiful photo book with photos of your mother and you together, from when you were little until now. Just stick to photos or write beautiful, funny or sweet texts. Stories, memories or thanks make it a wonderful gift book. Of course you can also postpone this gift for next year and add your wedding photos!

Moederdag cadeau moeder bruid Dusty Blue Elisabeth van Lent Mother's Day Gift Mother Bride GroomPhotography all: Elisabeth van Lent

5x Mother’s Day gift for the mother of the bride

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