Since you’ve told everyone about your engagement, you time and attention are probably completely taken up by planning the big day. Keep in mind that in this period leading to your wedding, it’s also very special to think about your engagement. An engagement session for example, is a special moment for the two of you and the perfect opportunity to capture some memories of your engagement!
An engagement session is all about your love, without the pressure of your wedding day. Especially if you have never had photos taken together, it can be a great opportunity to get used to the camera in a relaxed atmosphere.
We are happy to share with you these tips to get the most out of your engagement session!

Dusty Blue Verlovingsstoot Loveshoot Engagement Session Michelle Wever

1. The location for your engagement session

When you think of photos of the two of you, what does it look like? Are you surrounded by nature? Or in the city? On the beach? What type of location suits you? Is there perhaps a place that you have a special memory of?
If you don’t have a specific idea about the location, then that’s not a problem of course. Photographers often know where to find the most beautiful spots and regularly go out to explore new locations. Consult your photographer and keep an open mind. Together you will find a location that suits you!

2. Perfect timing

Actually, even more important than the location is the light and timing of your session. Especially for a fine art photographer who likes to work with natural light, it is important to plan your session around the time when the light is at its best. In summer this means that it is best to avoid the hard sunlight as much as possible between eleven and four in the afternoon.
You may have heard of the “golden hour”. This starts about an hour and a half before sunset and creates that beautiful golden glow in your portraits. But also in the morning or later in the afternoon, the daylight is often soft and perfect for a photo session.

3. Clothing for a fine art engagement session

To get the very best out of your session, you don’t just need the right photographer and the perfect light; the result is also largely determined by what you wear. Your outfits largely determine how comfortable and confident you both feel during the session and therefore the outcome of your photos.

Do not feel obliged to go shopping for your session, but you can of course! The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and see yourself recognizable in your images. A few tips:

  • Think of the season: light jackets, long sleeves and knitted shawls in autumnal shades are perfect for autumn, while flowy (maxi) dresses are beautiful between the spring green.
  • Look for a unity in your outfits, without matching completely. The days of both wearing jeans and white shirts are really over!
  • What do you love about your body? Accent these parts! Do you have nice arms? Go for a sleeveless blouse. Do you have great legs? Hello dress or skirt! Are you not sure? Ask your fiancé what he thinks is super sexy about you ..

Want more clothing tips? In our blog ‘What do you wear during an engagement shoot?’ we tell you more! Please note that this blog is only available in Dutch at this moment.

Dusty Blue Verlovingsstoot Loveshoot Engagement Session Michelle Wever

4. Professional hair & makeup

We cannot emphasize this enough: professional hair & make-up really make all the difference! Even if you normally wear little to no makeup, it is an absolute must for this special occasion. These are your engagement photos and of course you want to look your very best. Having your hair and makeup taken care of by a professional is wonderfully relaxing and gives that little bit of extra confidence, which will make you shine even more in your photos!
In addition, you can use this opportunity to try out a MUHA (Makeup & Hair Stylist) for your wedding! You can find our favorites on our vendor pager.

5. Trust your photographer

Ultimately, this is why you choose a certain photographer: he or she knows how to work the light at its best, what the most beautiful composition is and has the right skills to capture you both beautifully.
Take a deep breath and trust that the person you have hired will do his or her best for you. The more confidence you give, the better your photographer is able to take gorgeous photos of you.
You may feel a bit uncomfortable at first, but a good photographer knows how to put you at ease, let you relax and capture the authentic moments that will arise. Let go of control, trust and forget those perfect Pinterest images!

6. Have fun!

This is such a beautiful time in both your lives. It can be exciting to be photographed together, but try to forget the camera and just be “you” together. Laugh, flirt, hold each other and give each other plenty of attention for this hour or so. Let your photographer guide you.
An engagement session is the perfect time to get to know your photographer better, build confidence and feel comfortable in front of the camera. What better way to prepare for your wedding is there?

Dusty Blue has already collected the best fine art photographers from the Netherlands and Belgium for you. Are you curious about what they can do for you? We are happy to introduce them to you on our vendor page where you can contact them. You will also find their portfolio full of beautiful photos here!

An article full of tips for an amazing engagement session naturally requires a real love shoot!

Dusty Blue photographer Michelle Wever met E & R for a romantic and stylish session in beautiful Groningen. For the occasion they brought a very special guest..

Enjoy these beautiful and cute images!
Dusty Blue Verlovingsstoot Loveshoot Engagement Session Michelle Wever

Dusty Blue Verlovingsstoot Loveshoot Engagement Session Michelle Wever

Dusty Blue Verlovingsstoot Loveshoot Engagement Session Michelle Wever

6 Tips for an amazing engagement session

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