One of the best wedding trends that has come over from the US is that of the adult bridesmaids. Your own girl squad, recognizable by their matching dresses.
When choosing the right bridesmaid dresses, your opinion and the theme of your wedding are of course important, but don’t forget that tastes differ. The personal style, comfort and budget of your bridesmaids are just as important to take into account. After all, you still want to be friends after your wedding!

To help you on your way, here are a few tips and ideas for choosing the right bridesmaid dresses!

Bruidsmeisjes jurk tips Dusty Blue Bridesmaids dresses tips ideas
Photography: Michèlle Wever

Everyone in the same dress?

This is the most traditional option: all bridesmaids look the same and wear the same dress. As a bride, you don’t have to worry about colors or styles that may or may not match, or about questionable clothing choices. You also make sure that your friends don’t have to stress about finding a dress that meets the guidelines.

Actually, this applies to all the tips and ideas in this blog, but it can only be said: first consult with your bridesmaids about how they feel about this idea. Some will be very enthusiastic, but others may be less comfortable with it. And exactly that is the next tip!

Choose bridesmaid dresses that makes everyone feel comfortable

Just as you want to feel beautiful in your wedding dress, it is important that your bridesmaids can wear their dress comfortably and with confidence during the wedding.

Every woman has a different silhouette and a type of dress that suits her beautifully. Although it is almost impossible to meet everyone’s preferences when going for the same dress, it is important to take this into account. Of course this is also something you can think about in advance. Do your bridesmaids have more or less the same build? Then the chance of success for wearing the same dress is greater than when there is a lot of variation.

Photography: Alexandra Vonk

Photography: Chymo & More

Mix & Match with different dresses!

Is the same dress not an option? Then you can also choose different dresses in the same color or color tones! This is a great solution if your bridesmaids have different body types or different taste, but you would like to have a certain unity.

Give all ladies a color or color palette and if necessary share your ideas are about, for example, the length of the dress, with or without sleeves, plain or a pattern, etc. This allows everyone to choose a dress that they feel comfortable in and that lets them shine!

The bridesmaid dresses should compliment your wedding dress

Do you find it difficult to come up with a style for your bridesmaids? Then take a look at your own wedding dress. Do you have a classic style or bohemian, vintage or modern? Of course you do not have to match perfectly, but when you look back on photos of all of you together, it is nice to see your bridesmaids match the atmosphere. If you wear an airy, bohemian wedding dress, your bridesmaids will feel a bit out of place in tight-fitting silk dresses.

The right color palette

What color or color palette do you choose for your bridesmaids? Go for a shade that matches the theme or colors of your wedding, the season and everyone’s skin tone. Don’t be afraid to opt for floral prints or beautiful beading details, such as in the dresses from Needle & Tread. Especially when the wedding takes place during the warmer time of the year, this is very festive!
You can also choose a color palette (for example pastel) and let your bridesmaids search for a dress.

By the way, letting everyone choose their own dress can of course still mean that you go shopping together!

Bruidsmeisjes jurk tips Dusty Blue Bridesmaids dresses tips ideas
Photography: Elisabeth van Lent
Bruidsmeisjes jurk tips Dusty Blue Bridesmaids dresses tips ideas
Photography: Alexandra Vonk (l) | Photography: Elisabeth van Lent (r)

Consider the theme, location and season

When and where you and your hubby-to-be get married can give you an idea of the type of dresses for your bridesmaids. Richer and heavier fabrics that provide more warmth are suitable for autumn and winter. Spring and especially summer require airy fabrics, jaunty silhouettes and lighter colors!

Are you getting married in a stately castle and is your wedding more formal? Then long, chic dresses are in the right place! But if you spend the day on the beach, looser or perhaps even shorter bridesmaids dresses are more appropriate.

Talk about the budget for your bridesmaid dresses

Unless it’s your treat, the dress is something your bridesmaids will have to invest in themselves. Talking about their budget may be a little uncomfortable, but it’s important to avoid disagreements. Be open about what you have in mind and ask your friends to do the same. Also consider the possible additional costs for altering a dress!
Fortunately, bridesmaids nowadays have an enormous choice in different price ranges, whether you go for ready-to-wear or custom designer dresses.

Some tips for the bridesmaid

You may find it difficult to shop for your dress as a bridesmaid. After all, it is your dress, but not your wedding and maybe not 100% your style. Try to be open to the bride’s ideas and first try something you would normally never wear. Maybe it will look fantastic on you!
And if the bride has something in mind that really doesn’t work for you, being your girlfriend she will probably understand! Find the right words to express exactly what you do and do not like. Whether it is a shade that does not work on your skin tone or a cleavage that is way too revealing. If you can explain what you don’t like, you can probably find a solution together.

Just as the bride does when trying on her wedding dress, it is also wise as a bridesmaid to wear the right underwear and to bring accessories when you go to try on dresses. It’s preferred to buy shoes after you have found the right dress, but you probably have an idea about the height of the heel that you like to wear. Bring a similar pair of shoes, as well as any accessories you’d like to wear with the dress. This way you can see what the dress looks like when you give it your personal touch!

Bruidsmeisjes jurk tips Dusty Blue Bridesmaids dresses tips ideas
Photography: Elisabeth van Lent (l) | Photography: Jessica Jongman (r)Bruidsmeisjes jurk tips Dusty Blue Bridesmaids dresses tips ideas
Photography: Elisabeth van Lent

More inspiration for your bridesmaids can be found at Dusty Blue on Pinterest!

9 Tips on finding the most beautiful bridesmaid dresses

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