Are you looking for stylish, feminine and unique accessories to complete your bridal look? Then the brand SIBO Designs is for you!
In her studio just above Amsterdam, designer Sheila Bobeldijk has been creating unique collections of hair accessories, veils and dresses for the modern, romantic bride since 2009. Inspired by nature, she manufactures all her designs completely by hand using the most beautiful materials.

Every year Sheila creates a new collection for SIBO Designs and despite the challenges of this year she did it again and came up with a beautiful collection for the fall of 2020. We are very proud to bring you the new collection from our favorite vendor SIBO Designs, but more than that: we had a nice talk with Sheila and asked her about her source of inspiration, the design process and the challenge of creating a new collection during a pandemic.

Dusty Blue SIBO Designs Bridal Jewelry Veils Bruidssierraden Bruidssluier

For the brides who do not yet know SIBO Designs; how did the brand originate?

“When I was about to get married myself in 2009, I immediately knew that I wanted a beautiful hair accessory and a veil. When I went to fit my dress however, I found out that the hair accessories that were for sale at bridal shops felt very cheap and were not at all my taste. The same was actually true for the veils they sold. They all had the same style and were made of the same materials. Shortly after our wedding I decided I wanted to change this, because a veil or hair comb doesn’t have to be old-fashioned or without personality.”

How would you describe the style of SIBO Designs?

“Romance, elegance and femininity are at the forefront of my style, but the passion for designing comes from giving this romantic style a modern twist. I provide a unique combination of materials, techniques and styles that stand the test of time. This is how heirlooms are created that can be passed on from generation to generation.”

What does the design process of a new accessory look like?

“I used to be very good at drawing, so you would think that every design starts with a sketch. However that is not true! I think my design process is quite unique: I usually start with a rough idea and look for the right materials. When I have collected the materials I start by pinning the design on a canvas head. This gives me a good idea of the size and shape and whether the design fits nicely with the shape of the head. Then I put everything together piece by piece and constantly look back at the canvas version to decide whether or not the design needs to be adjusted. This ultimately results in the final piece! “

And then 2020 arrived and everything changed. What is the story behind the new collection and what inspired you this year?

“Usually every collection starts with a beautiful and inspiring story, but this year everything was indeed different. My inspiration always comes from nature. I love flowers and how flowers make people feel. This year my company, like the rest of the world, went through a rough time. However, sometimes you find inspiration in those darkest days. I realized that I wanted to create designs that made me happy as a designer and that’s what I started doing!
Flowers, embroidery, handmade clay flowers; the more details the better. Each design is therefore unique and has its own personality. The real inspiration for this collection is how beautiful our world is despite all the misery that is going on. How beautiful nature is, even when winter starts again and that if you look closely you will find inspiration around you, down to the smallest things.”

That still sounds like a beautiful and inspiring story! A story about authenticity and always staying true to yourself, even if that is difficult sometimes. Magnificent! What was it like to -forced by corona- be your own model for the photos of the collection?

“Yes, that certainly was a challenge! At the very beginning of SIBO Designs I started in that same way. Of course I’m not a model, but I am a huge photography enthusiast. I therefore set very high standards for my photography. Modern technology makes it a bit easier now than when I started, but I still use a hidden phone with every photo to see what I’m doing, haha!
It’s kind of awkward to see yourself online, but the other side is that strangely enough it makes me proud too. Like I said, I am not by any means a model and to accept myself as I am, to make something beautiful out of it and then have it published, I saw as a huge step. You are your most harsh critic and that is why I think it is very important in the first place to be satisfied with things yourself.”

You can be for sure! The results are gorgeous. What is your personal favorite item from this collection for SIBO Designs and why?

“Ohhh, can I really only pick one? No, I’m going to cheat a bit, because I actually have two!
First of all, the 904: the “Pearl veil & Juliet cap bridal headpiece”, a bridal veil with hand-embroidered Swarovski pearls combined with a main accessory of hand-painted metal flowers and more Swarovski pearls. These pieces are very unique. It is my interpretation of the classic ‘Juliet cap’ veil in a modern shape using romantic materials.”

“Second, the 905: the “Lyon lace mantilla bridal veil”, a veil made of very special Lyon lace. This material is only produced in one place in the world (in France of course). The company saved machines of more than a hundred years old and got them to work again, so this beautiful lace technique could be preserved for our generation. It is completely handwoven lace, which gives it an almost magical feeling, this fabric is so special!”

What is your tip for brides choosing their jewelry and accessories?

“A wedding doesn’t have to be all traditional and jewelry and accessories can express some personality! Choose a piece of jewelry that you love and that suits who you are. Don’t choose something because it has to match a certain style or theme. Jewelry or accessories may show who you are! To wear a veil or not, add beautiful statement jewelry or perhaps leave it all out and wear a dress that says it all; choose what you love!”

Without further ado, enjoy the 2020 fall collection from SIBO Designs!

Dusty Blue SIBO Designs Bridal Jewelry Veils Bruidssierraden BruidssluierDusty Blue SIBO Designs Bridal Jewelry Veils Bruidssierraden BruidssluierDusty Blue SIBO Designs Bridal Jewelry Veils Bruidssierraden BruidssluierDusty Blue SIBO Designs Bridal Jewelry Veils Bruidssierraden BruidssluierDusty Blue SIBO Designs Bridal Jewelry Veils Bruidssierraden BruidssluierDusty Blue SIBO Designs Bridal Jewelry Veils Bruidssierraden BruidssluierDusty Blue SIBO Designs Bridal Jewelry Veils Bruidssierraden BruidssluierDusty Blue SIBO Designs Bridal Jewelry Veils Bruidssierraden BruidssluierDusty Blue SIBO Designs Bridal Jewelry Veils Bruidssierraden Bruidssluier

Which item from the new collection of SIBO Designs is your favorite?

A talk with SIBO Designs: The fall & winter collection 2020

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