In our previous article we answered the question “what is fine art?” and told you all we know about what a fine art wedding actually is and how you know if this is the right style for your wedding.
In addition to what we’ve told you, we have to mention there is another important aspect for your fine art wedding. One we haven’t discussed yet, namely ‘fine art wedding photography’.

Of course photography is important for every type of wedding; it is a lasting memory of your wedding day. However the specific type of wedding photography that perfectly suits a fine art wedding is not a style for which you can knock on any photographer’s door.
So what exactly is fine art wedding photography? How is it different from other types of wedding photography? And is it that important to invest in a fine art wedding photographer for your fine art wedding? We are happy to tell you more!

What is fine art wedding photography?

To explain what fine art wedding photography is, we must go back to its origin and the source of fine art as an artistic form of photography. Think of portraits and photographic artworks that you encounter in art galleries and exhibitions. These images are often artistic and authentic. They contain a message and were made by the photographer with great care and attention. And above all they’re images that hold your gaze, evoke an emotion and make you think about its meaning.
Over time this form of photography has been taken over by wedding photographers and is now known as a form of wedding photography in which the same great eye for detail, care and aesthetics play an important part. Fine art has an exclusive and luxurious status that nowadays is also associated with fine art wedding photography.

Of course, a fine art wedding photographer is focused on capturing your day and all the beautiful moments and emotions. But a fine art wedding photographer does more than that. He or she is focused on the beauty of your day and pays close attention to the composition, background, details and light.
A fine art wedding photographer captures your wedding from an artistic point of view and therefor will perhaps intervene a little more often on reality to make it even more beautiful. For instance, he or she will put some clutter aside at your getting ready or ask you to stand just a little bit different when putting on your wedding dress, because of the light or background.

Many fine art wedding photographers prefer natural light and sometimes shoot film to create an even more artistic image. In addition, a fine art wedding photographer takes a little more control and lets you sometimes pose in a natural way.
Of course your wedding day revolves around you and especially during the official moments your photographer will be present in the background. He or she will capture your love in the most beautiful and intimate way possible and creates calm, lifestyle-like images.

The difference with documentary wedding photography

In addition to fine art wedding photography, a common and popular style among wedding photographers is documentary photography. Where fine art is generally a more controlled, thought out and intimate form of wedding photography, a documentary photographer is more focused on capturing the story in its pure form; like it is. He or she strives for authenticity and will exercise little to no control over what happens or what things look like. Therefore, documentary wedding photography can often be recognized by the somewhat busier, raw images.

Documentary and fine art wedding photography may seem like two extremes, but just as every Italian restaurant has its own recipe for tiramisu, every wedding photographer has his own style in documentary or fine art photography.
At Dusty Blue we focus primarily on the light fine art style. However, fine art can also be dark or to a greater or lesser extent under control. There are also various wedding photographers who mix fine art with documentary photography to a greater or lesser extent.

Is fine art wedding photography for you?

Most couples who choose a fine art wedding photographer are organizing a stylish and romantic wedding in which quality and styling play an important role. Their wedding day revolves around their love and they like to have this captures in a timeless and intimate way.

Do you an appreciation for art? Do you like your wedding photographer to be actively involved in your day and to take control here and there to create beautiful photos for you? And do you want an intimate moment together and think it is important that your carefully chosen details are beautifully captured? Then a fine art wedding photographer is probably the photographer you’re looking for!

We asked a few of our favorite Dusty Blue wedding photographers about their vision of fine art. This is what they said:

Alexandra Vonk

“Fine art for me is that I am always looking for a certain beauty in the environment, details that make a day personal and all the emotional moments. I want to capture everything as nicely as possible. It is also important for me to present that beauty in the high-quality products that a couple receives from me; from the usb packaging with photo prints to the wedding album. It’s all about the experience and that the couple has something tangible in their hands instead of just viewing photos on a computer.”

Dusty Blue Fine Art Bruidsfotografie Alexandra Vonk

Elisabeth van Lent

“For me, fine art photography is a combination of spontaneity and beauty. Of style and emotion. All of that captured in a light photography style where simplicity is the essence of classic, timeless elegance. Fine art photography is all about the small details of the day and capturing the special moments.”

Dusty Blue Fine Art Bruidsfotografie Elisabeth van Lent

Michelle Wever

“I see fine art photography as an artistic way of photographing, always being timeless and elegant. A style that will last for many years. As a fine art photographer I am always looking for beauty. By looking at the most beautiful light, the composition and always searching for beauty. I also see it as a true craft, in which you go back to basics and omit all trends and finery. It’s about creating a photo that is already perfect at the moment of shooting, because so much attention has been paid to capturing it in the right way.”

Dusty Blue Fine Art Bruidsfotografie Michelle Wever

At Dusty Blue, the best fine art wedding photographer from the Netherlands and Belgium have already been collected for you. Want to know what our wedding photographers can do for you? On our vendor page we would like to introduce them to you and you’ll be able to contact them. You’ll also fine their portfolios there with some of the most beautiful wedding photos!

What is fine art wedding photography?

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