Do you want a stylish and romantic wedding? Well then, you came to the right place!
Dusty Blue is all about this wedding style, also called the ‘fine art wedding’ or ‘light and airy style’. But what is fine art? What makes a wedding a fine art wedding and how do you know it this is a suiting style for your wedding? We love to explain and tell you more about our favorite type of wedding style: fine art.

What is fine art?

Fine art is been around for quite some time, especially in America, and is gaining more and more popularity in Europe.
The origin of fine art is found in an artistic form of photography. It is classic and timeless, but also modern at the same time. It’s about creating beauty and refinement and is very well thought trough. Fine art aims for high quality and is stylish, elegant and above all has very deliberately chosen details.
The best way to explain what fine art is about is by certain qualities and images that are characteristic for this type of wedding style and what this would look like at a fine art wedding.

Deliberately chosen & high quality

Every aspect of a fine art wedding is very well thought through and planned in detail. It feels like every aspect of the wedding is exactly as it should be, even when things don’t go as planned. With great care and attention it is ensured that the overall picture is complete. For example, a styling plan with color palette is often put together by which the appropriate and matching styling materials are selected. From the flowers at the ceremony to the candles on the dinner tables and from the calligraphed invitations to the wedding favors: everything is coordinated to form one beautiful ensemble.

Calm & natural appearance

The styling of a fine art wedding can range from very simple to richly detailed. The key lies in maintaining a certain peace in the overall picture. At a fine art wedding you probably won’t see flashy or intens colorful decorations, but more pastel colors and refined details with a natural look. Think of flowers and greenery, luxury handmade accessories and natural materials such as silk, linen, stone, wood and marble.
The location plays an important role in this. Bright locations with stylish spaces, beautiful architecture or a natural environment are the perfect environment for a fine art wedding. A castle or estate is a popular wedding location. Nowadays we also see more and more couples opting for getting married abroad, because of the even greater offer in beautiful locations and beautiful nature. In particular getting married in Italy or France is very popular.

Timeless & romantic

Pastel shades and natural colors are timeless, feminine colors with a romantic feel that offer many possibilities in terms of flowers and beautiful textiles. At a fine art wedding you’ll see little to no bright colors, but there is room for the more rich dark accents that form a gorgeous contrast with a light color palette. By using materials such as stone and metal, the masculine and stronger aspect of styling is also considered. If the whole is nicely balanced, then you have a real fine art wedding.

Is the fine art wedding style for you?

Most couples who are attracted by the fine art style appreciate art, photography and fashion. You don’t have to be artistic or fashionable, but you do see the beauty and value of it. Getting married in fine art style is for couples who love beautiful styling and aim for quality over quantity. They like a more classical wedding and consider it important to have certain traditional wedding elements in their day. By this we certainly don’t mean old-fashioned! Traditional elements are for example, cutting the wedding cake, wearing a veil or giving away the bride at the ceremony.
Finally, we must also be honest: couples who choose a fine art wedding often have a larger budget to spend than what would be necessary for an average wedding. This is mostly because of the often more luxurious locations, styling and high quality products.

You can find more information about fine art and inspiration for your wedding in our blogs and social media. Also on our Instagram and Pinterest you’ll find much more fine art inspiration and all our favorite tips and advice for planning your wedding.

Organizing a fine art wedding may sound like a lot of work, but luckily there are plenty of professionals who are ready to help. We know from experience how wonderful it is to work with specialized vendors and that they are well worth the investment.
At Dusty Blue, the best fine art vendors from the Netherlands and Belgium have already been collected for you. Want to know what our vendors can do for you? On our favorite vendor page we would like to introduce them to you and you’ll be able to contact them.

Fine art: A stylish and romantic wedding

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