Getting married in a castle, in nature or on the beach is of course amazing. But have you ever thought about a wedding in the middle of an iconic city? That’s easier than you think, because in just four hours by train from Amsterdam you are in one of the most visited cities in the world. Known for its ancient history, unique culture and world famous skyline. Of course I’m talking about London!

The decor of many special movies and series such as James Bond and Harry Potter. And for me a personal favorite: Notting Hill. It is perhaps the most iconic scene of romantic film classics, when Anna (Julia Roberts) stands in front of William (Hugh Grant) full of emotion and speaks the well-known words: “After all, I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy , asking him to love her.” Utterly romantic!

And not only do I think Notting Hill is such a wonderful film, the fantastic team that created this editorial, with Dusty Blue’s favorite bridal fashion designer Laura van Rooij, were also inspired by the romance of this atmospheric film and London district! They love to take you along through the colorful streets of Notting Hill and tell you more about their inspiration for this fresh, romantic editorial.

Notting Hill Londen Trouwen Laura van Rooij Kimberley Duchateau

Wedding inspiration in Notting Hill

The team tells: “With one of the most romantic and memorable films, Nothing Hill, in our minds, the ideas just kept flowing. We wanted a shoot in the most atmospheric and characteristic places in London and of course in the great Notting Hill area.
We have tried to photograph those places where you want to be and want to be seen. And we didn’t have to search long to find those spots!

Our trip started at The Clermont Victoria. A classic hotel full of splendor. A more romantic start could hardly be imagined. When you think of a chic London hotel, you think of large, bright spaces with fantastic stairwells and of course a great revolving door should not be missing.
The possibilities of typical English transport to the next occasion are of course endless in London. We took advantage of this. Though the next opportunity was practically on the corner from where The Clermont Victoria was.

We specifically chose Peggy Porschen because of the sweet, loving, soft, sparkling colors and expressive experience. In our opinion, the place could not help but paint an ultimate romantic and chic image that left nothing to be desired. You can almost taste the atmosphere in the photos! The same goes for the wisteria or Wisteria Flowers. Fully blooming and not to be missed. We shot many different atmospheric photos for a house completely covered in these stunning flowers. It not only gives a shower of blue-purple-colored flower clusters, but also fantastic images that appeal to the imagination.

What else can we write about Nothing Hill? It is not only typical London: charming, luxurious and high end, but also shabby chic and completely suitable for young, hip couples. Whatever type of couple you are, there is always a place with the right vibe that suits you. That you will get unforgettable images is certain and we hope to show you that with this shoot.”

Notting Hill Londen Trouwen Laura van Rooij Kimberley DuchateauNotting Hill Londen Trouwen Laura van Rooij Kimberley DuchateauNotting Hill Londen Trouwen Laura van Rooij Kimberley DuchateauNotting Hill Londen Trouwen Laura van Rooij Kimberley DuchateauNotting Hill Londen Trouwen Laura van Rooij Kimberley Duchateau

Planners: Eventels & Blijver wedding- & eventplanner | Photographer: Kimberly Duchateau | Wedding dress: Laura van Rooij Bruidscouture | Accessories: Laurie Bessems | Hair & Makeup: Salon Pronk

“Unforgettable”: Wedding inspiration in Notting Hill

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