It’s no secret: we love wedding shoes and especially Bella Belle Shoes! It is our honor to present to you today the new 2020 collection and share our favorite photos of the editorial shoot.
Inspired by the writings of female poets, the new Bella Belle Shoes collection “Poetry of Love” explores the depth and complexities of love. Set in the poetic Lake Como, a popular destination for writers throughout the ages, the 2020 collection was curated and captured by a team of the best creatives in the international wedding industry.

bruid mooie trouwschoenen bella belle shoes

The artists about their inspiration for this editorial:

Bella Belle, designer

Making beautiful and comfortable shoes is our passion. This time we wrapped our shoes in the art of poetry. Inspired by beautiful love poems, each shoe is named after a famous female poet. The collection is a nuanced fusion of poetic elements and Bella Belle aesthetics. It is our interpretation of poetry in shoe form.

Laura Gordon, photographer

Lake Como painted a magical scene and perfectly set the tone for the Poetry of Love editorial. My translation of this year’s theme was very much inspired by the rich textures seen throughout the area paired with the quiet presence of femininity and romance.
I chose to focus on form and expression using light to paint the images evoking a tone and mood for the final collection. Captivating eye contact, soft gestures, and a bold backdrop create a look that feels vulnerable yet dynamic.

Joy Proctor, stylist

“To visually translate the theme, I chose not to tell it in literal sense but proposed that we make our model a living depiction of the poet’s muse. I envisioned that she both wears and inspires the poetry and commissioned a poem to be written on her body as like the bodice of a wedding gown.
Also I imagined her as a goddess; a woman of strength and elegance, sophistication and wisdom. To tell the story of the poet’s muse, I asked Shasta Bell Calligraphy to write a poem onto a silk ribbon in calligraphy. My hope was to visually show the effect of love. In this image, our muse is blinded by love; spellbound by the beauty of the poet’s words. She wraps herself in the sentiments the poet has written for her.”

Zen Filmworks, videographer

“The words “poetry” and “love” I was able to translate to film through directing the model’s beautiful movements, dancing through the words and emotions of love and poetry. I was also able to push other elements such as vulnerability and sensuality. What brought it all together as the final step was carefully chosen music to enhance these beautiful and interesting blends of emotions.”

Harold James, hair & makeup artist

“I wanted to express the Poetry of Love through movements and light textures. My team handcrafted two unique hair accessories in our studio in Paris. To reflect freedom, it was important for me to see the hair in motion. Finally, I decided to play with the makeup to evoke softness, passion or strength thanks to various textures and colors.”

Centorose e un Tulipano, planner

“The “Poetry of Love” editorial has been set exactly where one of the most famous poet and writer of the eighteenth century composed the poem “Mattino”.
Villa Sola Cabiati and Villa Balbiano are two of the most refined examples of eighteenth-century architecture present on the lake. Graceful and commanding in stature, each villa features breathtaking painted ceilings, beautiful frescoes and fine tapestry. Truly poetic in every sense of the word.”

Shasta Bell, calligrapher

“So often poetry stays on paper and never makes the jump from head to heart. It was so fun to put pen to skin and create living art, making a gown out of words and ‘weaving fabric’ from love and ink.” 

The Bella Belle Shoes collection “Poetry of Love” is dedicated to all of us who have been moved and touched by love.

Enjoy the editorial shoot of these gorgeous wedding shoes!

bruid mooie trouwschoenen bella belle
bruid mooie trouwschoenen bella belle
bruid mooie trouwschoenen bella belle shoes
bruid mooie trouwschoenen bella belle shoes
bruidsschoenen 2020 bella belle
bruid mooie trouwschoenen bella belle shoes
bruid mooie trouwschoenen bella belle shoes
bruidsschoenen 2020 bella belle
bruidsschoenen 2020 bella belle shoes
bruidsschoenen 2020 bella belle shoes
bruidsschoenen 2020 bella belle shoes
bruidsschoenen 2020 bella belle shoes
bruidsschoenen 2020 bella belle shoes

Can’t get enough of Bella Belle Shoes? Watch the editorial film of the 2020 collection “Poetry of Love”.

Shoes: Bella Belle Shoes | Photographer: Laura Gordon Photography | Styling and Design: Joy Proctor | Videographer: Zen Film Works | Make-Up and Hair: Harold James | Calligraphy: Shasta Bell Calligraphy,Veronica Halim Calligraphy | Planning: Centoros e un Tulipano | Dresses: Paolo Sebastian, Rime Arodaky,Nicole + Felicia, Andrea Sedici, Costarellos, Xtabay Vintage, Claire La Faye, Bongiwe Proctor | Accessories:Nicola Bathie, Twigs and Honey, Haute Bride, Lauren Taylor Creates | Venues: Villa Sola Cabiati and Villa Balbiano.

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Wedding shoes: Bella Belle shoes collection 2020

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