Dear bride,

We can’t ignore it: the coronavirus is spreading in the Netherlands. It’s spreading throughout the world and together we are going through a period full of measures that the majority of our population has never experienced before.
Like everyone else, I also follow the news. I often think of the coronavirus’ victims and the amazing people who continue to do their work in the hospitals and all other essential jobs.

As for Dusty Blue, we are always focused on weddings and everything related, so we also think of all the brides and grooms who’ve been looking forward to their wedding and are now forced to postpone. We also think of all the wonderful vendors in the wedding industry who are currently unable to do their jobs which they are so passionate about and the uncertainty these circumstances bring for many small businesses.

Continue through a difficult period

Last week I struggled with how Dusty Blue should continue during this period. I was wondering if you are even interested in weddings and blogs right now. I was also a bit overwhelmed by the effects of the measures being taken and have given myself some time to let everything sink in.

In the meantime I saw several blogs with tips on how to deal with the coronavirus in relation to your wedding appear on several blogs of my colleagues. They tell you why it is better to postpone rather than cancel, what to think about and what need to be arranged. And maybe your are expecting a similar blog from Dusty Blue.

Of course I have thought about this, but for now I have decided not to write about it. Not because I don’t want to pay attention to the  coronavirus, because that’s what I do in this blog, but because so many blogs have already appeared about it that I honestly believe: it is okay and it is enough.

Writing yet another blog with tips on how to deal with the coronavirus in relation to your wedding feels like opportunism to me right now. As if I were using the circumstances to attract more visitors and that is something that goes against my principles.
My colleagues have done a great job with their blogs and I believe that you as a bride are well provided for. If I later find that information is missing or that it can be done differently, I will of course let you know.

How can I help you?

Of course I’m here to answer your questions about the subject and I’d like to think along about the possibilities for postponing your wedding. I’m also available for all vendors and would very much like to support and help where possible.

I understand all your concerns and what keeps you busy during this difficult period. However, I am also convinced that these circumstances are temporary and that we can positively look forward to the future. Especially at a time when the world is upside down, we are all craving distraction and normality. That is what I would like to offer at Dusty Blue.

At this point, I choose to continue to share Dusty Blue’s love for beautiful weddings and to inspire and support you in planning your wedding. Because in the end, even though it may be a little later than planned, your wedding day will come and you deserve nothing less than a beautiful wedding.

Despite the circumstances, I hope that during this time of standing still you can look forward and dream about the future. Is there something I can help you with? Is there something you want more information about? Or do you just need someone to talk to? I’m here for you.

Please take good care of yourself and your loved ones.

Lots of love,


Why we don’t write about the coronavirus

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